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The Folk Nation and the Peoples are not much different that the Crips, Bloods, Surenos,Nortenos, Mexican Mafia, MS 13, MS 13. The gang Tattoos, and Gang signs, are the same thing as gang colors. The prison gangs and street gangs all end up in the same place in life.

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Gang research, gang colors, gang hand signs, gangster rap, music downloads for hip hop music can all be found at Nortenos gang and surenos gang members are not the same as Crips and Bloods gangs. Folks and Peoples gangster have similar connections to the same super gang mafia. The Italian mafia and the Russian mafia are not the same importers of drugs and weapons as the other Gangs. All Ghetto and hip hop music can be identified with the Hip Hop music and inner city gang member that use the same hand signs and graffiti with gang tattoos that can be seen here.

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